Redemption Rewards

Redemption Rewards - Osim uGem
* 6 months warranty by the manufacturer; AA battery is included
Only available at selected pharmacies
Valid until 31st October 2017

Terms & Conditions

  1. Attach a total of 7 barcodes from Surbex range of products as mentioned below together with original receipts from 1st August 2017 till 31st October 2017 as proof of purchase to redeem 1 (ONE) unit of Osim uGem face massager worth RM89.
  2. The Surbex product barcodes (together with the receipts) MUST be attached firmly onto this CARD to be eligible for redemption.
  3. This barcode collection card can ONLY be used to redeem 1 (ONE) unit of Osim uGem face massager.
  4. Redemption of 2 or more units per CARD is not allowed.
  5. This redemption in only valid in selected participating pharmacies.
  6. Only original barcodes are accepted. Fake, damaged, tempered or photocopied barcodes will NOT be accepted.
  7. Abbott Laboratories (M) Sdn Bhd will NOT be responsible for the loss or damage of this CARD or the barcodes.
  8. Valid till 31st October 2017 or while stocks last.
  1. This redemption is NOT exchangeable for cash.
  2. Barcodes used for this promotion is not applicable for ALP reward points.
  3. Abbott Laboratories (M) Sdn Bhd reserve the right to amend the terms & conditions of this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  4. Only applicable for the following Surbex range of products:
    1. Surbex Calcium -D3 60’s
      (barcode: 9557-47841-3487)
    2. Surbex EPO 60’s
      (barcode: 9557-47877-0009)
    3. Surbex Nato E 250iu 60’s
      (barcode: 9557-47841-0820)
    4. Surbex Nato ALA Plus 50’s
      (barcode: 9557-47841-0868)
    5. Surbex Soylife 150mg 60’s
      (barcode: 9557-47841-5009)
    6. Surbex Nutri-Fiber 5g x 30
      (barcode: 9557-47841-3982)
    7. Surbex Nutri-Fiber 500g
      (barcode: 9557-47841-3999)