Surbex Calcium D3

Calcium D3
When you are young, growth of bone mass is faster than its loss, and your bone mass increases, strengthening the bone. However, after the age of 30, loss of bone mass is faster than its growth, resulting in osteoporosis.

Do you have osteoporosis risk factors?2

  • Advanced age
  • Personal history of fracture as an adult
  • Female
  • Low calcium or vitamin D intake
  • Premature menopause (<45 years)
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Post menopause
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Family history of osteoporosis and fracture
  • Excessive caffeine intake
  • Lack of exercise
Calcium D3

Calcium Supplement:
Optimum and Divided Dose for Optimal Absorption

In the treatment of osteoporosis, the recommended daily intake for Calcium is 1000mg (both dietary and supplements)3

For optimal absorption, the amount of Calcium should not exceed 400 to 500mg in a single dose. For patient requiring more than 500mg of Calcium supplement daily, the dose should be divided.4

Calcium D3 Calcium D3