Tips for Healthy Skin

Tips for Healthy Skin
Young people and adults are becoming more concerned about their appearance. Spotless, flawless and fair skin has long been desired as the beauty ideal. But this is a big challenge, as human skin is constantly exposed to internal and external influences that may alter its condition and function.1

5 facts about your skin

  • Skin is the largest organ in the body. Skin measures approximately 1.73 square meters and it makes up about 16% of our body weight.2
  • Skin acts as a barrier between internal and external environments. Skin helps protect the body from mechanical and chemical damage, as well as invasion by microorganisms and radiation1
  • Millions of bacteria live on the skin. Some bacteria are harmless while others could cause various skin problems.2
  • Changes in your skin can reveal a lot about your health. Allergies, oxidative stress and changes in hormone levels are some factors affecting skin health.2
  • Skin function and skin attractiveness are dependent on nutrition. Dietary supplementation to address deficient vitamins, minerals, or essential fatty acids improves skin conditions 1
Tips for Healthy Skin

Do you know?

Besides adequate external skin care, healthy skin requires nourishment from within. Health begins with your diet. Taking in the right amount of nutrients and vitamins is essential for great skin1